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Directed By:
Norman J. Warren

Rated R
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content
Country: England

Also Known As:
Horror Hotel (UK)
Time Warp Terror


A group of teenagers after escaping a pair of thugs and a carnival worker who attacks them for unknown reason steals a boat and sinks it off the coast of an island. They arrive at the island to find a hotel that is completely empty and has been since New Year's Eve 1965.

Then strange things start to happened, strange creatures start appearing and killing them one by one. Is it connected to some device that crashed on the island and the question is can any of them escape alive?


Here comes a series of stupid events starting with why the hell wasn't there any dialog for the first ten minutes of the movie? I mean, I felt Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton was going to waddle by. Second, why were those two thugs trying to kill them? I mean what the hell did these kids do to deserve to be attacked by mindless brutes? Why did the carnival worker side with them? They were paying costumers. Next, what time warp, they were dead. What time warp? There was no bloody time warp. Time warp means, they would either be really young, really old or evolved into futuristic monsters. But that wasn't the case, a table cloth became a monster, an elevator became a monster and the dead become monsters. Next question, how the hell did the creeps from the carnival find them on the island, the boat sank. How could they find a sunk boat in thousands of miles of ocean. Really, did the writer think at all? Lastly, bad ending. The last survivor gets on the long boat that brought them to the island and escaped. Then the other shoe drops and a unknown force pulls her through the bottom of the boat, kills her and sticks her in a mirror and now she has to watch her friends at a New Year's party while she's stuck in a mirror. It's garbage and I give it the LUMP OF COAL.



This movie only proves that there are very few happy mediums in the world of British horro and science fiction. It's either great or total steaming pile of well crewed crap. This is the later, it made no sense. Everything Zedd said is correct. A complete waste of time, the creature effects were pretty good, but without a stable storyline that makes sense it means nothing. I mean, they never explain how a "time warp" did all this. One should have been a nerd and deduced the truth and as I always said and always will say there is no excuse for a bad ending. Never, so I too give BLOODY NEW YEAR a BLOODY LUMP OF COAL, which I would like to beat along someone's head and shoulders.



+ CREATURE EFFECTS (That is the only good point.)


- NO SOUND FOR OPENING (Maybe if we could hear them talking we'd know why those goons were after them.)
- WHY DIDN'T THE CARNIE HELP (Why did he attack paying costumers? Who was minding the carnival was he off chasing them on an island.)
- WHY (No body travels hundreds of miles to kill someone without a reason, so why did those three chase them all the way to the island? Why did they want to kill them? WHY?)
- HOW DID THEY FIND THEM (The boat sank, remember. Plus, the boat could go anywhere. How did they even know which direction to go.)
- TIME WARP (What time warp?)
- TIME WARP MONSTERS (Table cloth monster and walking corpses can't be the work of a time warp, doesn't make sense.)
- PURPOSE (What was the purpose of the time warp exeriment?)
- DEAD FRIENDS (Just because they died don't make them not friends anymore.)
- COMPLETE LACK OF BACKSTORY (How, what, when, where and freakin' why? These might help.)


- OTHER SHOE ENDING (We think the last girl survives, but wrongo. She's sucked through the bottom of the boat and killed.)